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From: Wil***, Keith <kwil***@tr***.com>
Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 10:47 AM
Subject: follow up
To: "Mr. Wheel Deal" <quotes@mrwheeldeal.com>

Steve, pictures are attached. 

I received eleven positive comments on the wheels and three on the tires the first time I drove the RV to church.  It needs to be noted that you were the only one that did not seem scared to sell me wheels/tires for my RV, but then we did check the loading and fitment carefully.  You were also the only one to quote me the Ultra 023 Dually wheels with the Michelins which are expensive tires anyway; everyone else quoted lower quality wheels and tires.  Note that the Michelins with the increased load range rides nice, corners a lot better, and should get me better mpg since that is their design.

 Otherwise, I would have to say your pricing seems fair.  Would I buy from you again...YES and already recommended your firm to a family member.

 FYI, the rear wheels are an additional inch away from the inner wheels which should keep running temps down (a good thing); this was something we did not think about.

 Keith Wil***, Ph.D.