Cameron had his eye on the American Racing Hopster wheels for his '62 Olds Starfire project, so we had them custom made in the 20x8" size he needed. The tires are Nitto NT555 in 255/35/20 & 235/35/20 sizes. The Torq Thurst look is clean and classic, but it's nice to see someone venturing out a bit for a restoration project.
Thanks for pictures, Cameron - and also for the referrals you've sent our way.
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Hi Steve.  Pics of 20x8” American Racing Hopster wheels on as promised.... Very happy with them thanks... btw, i have another friend here with a 61 Olds that will be buying wheels within 12 months too.  He wasn’t aware of Mr Wheel Deal but is impressed with my experience so hopefully will contact you for his purchase. Cameron
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