No need for much of an introduction - sounds like Al is happy with his staggered Boss 338 set-up and has included some nice pictures of them on two of his vehicles: A 1998 GMC Sierra and a 1997 Chevy Silverado. They look good on both!

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From: Al Deck*** <sewlo***>
Date: Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Boss 338's

Just wanted to send a few pix of my 'Boss 338's' that I purchased from Steve @ Mr. Wheel Deal.
I knew the wheels that I wanted to put on my '98 GMC Sierra, & the BEST prices I found where with this co.
My truck has a 4/6 drop, with additional, extensive, suspension mods. Big sway bars, urethane suspension bushings, QA1 dble. adjustable shocks, etc. Custom-fabbed rear suspension.
 I didn't know anything about what offset was required, or what sizes of tire would fit.
Steve handled it all. 20X8.5" for the front, & 20X10 for the rear. Boss 338's in the grey finish.
The tires are 255/45 fronts, 295/40 rear. Toyo Proxes II.
This was a very smooth, professional, business transaction. Steve answered all my questions, & went out of his way to clear up a delay with Canada Customs.
It looked like a Nascar pit-stop in my driveway the day they showed up!
The tires & wheels were a perfect fit!
I couldn't be happier!  
I recommend you & your co. every chance that I can.
A big Thank You to everyone @
After 250,000 miles, the little 4.3 in my GMC threw a rod-bearing. It's now off the road recieving a LQ9/6.0 transplant. Aiming for 450HP (+). the meantime, my '97 Chevy Slverado with a 2/4 drop, (shop truck) gets to wear the Boss 338's for the summer months.
I love these wheels!!!

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