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What does Deco Directional mean? Today, we're breaking down everything you need to know about Deco Directional wheels from Artisa ArtFormed Wheels.

Brief Overview of Artisa ArtFormed Wheels

Artisa ArtFormed Wheels Overview:

  • Offers lightweight, Deco Directional wheels that were once only available for forged wheels
  • Founded on their pillars of Function, Presence, and Passion
  • Uses ArtFormed technology to create their Deco Directional wheels that are still extremely lightweight 
  • Focused on the smallest details because it's the details that truly matter
  • Next-level craftsmanship with all their wheel designs
  • Currently offering the following Deco Directional, lightweight wheels: The Night, The Elder, The Titan, The Kinetic, and The Carrier


What are Directional Wheels?

Before we go through what Deco Directional wheels are, let's determine what directional wheels are because there is a difference.

What you need to know:

  • Directional wheels have a left and right side that turns opposite directions of each other
  • Wheels either "sweep" or "swoop" depending on what side of the car you put them on
  • Directional wheels don't mirror each other
  • Directional wheels technically have been designed the wrong way because they don't all turn in the same direction


What are Deco Directional Wheels?

Deco Directional wheels, coined by Artisa ArtFormed Wheels, are changing the wheel game forever.

What you need to know:

  • Deco Directional means there is a set of wheels for the left and right side of the car | The wheels on each side of the car mirror each other
  • Every single wheel turns in the same direction 
  • Artisa used their ArtFormed technology to design their wheels 
  • Artisa ArtFormed coined the term "Deco Directional" to describe their wheel design


Advantages of Deco Directional Wheels From Artisa

Deco Directional wheels from Artisa offer unmatched looks and quality that you can't get from any other wheel company. 

Advantages of Artisa ArtFormed Deco Directional Wheels:

  • The looks of Deco Directional wheels are very special because they all turn in the same direction
  • Artisa ArtFormed wheels sacrifice nothing: lightweight, clear big brakes, and offer unique designs with extreme concavity
  • ArtFormed technology: wheels constructed with A356+ aluminum alloy and utilize back pad shaving, barrel grain realignment, spoke millwork, and bowl cut hub work making wheels exceptional lightweight
  • Every wheel is inspired by some of the most famous artists the world has ever know like The Night inspired by "The Starry Night" from Vincent van Gogh