I often have people ask me what wheels I’d recommended for their Ford F150. That’s tough to say since everyone has their own preference and sense of style. However, to help my customers out in their search, I’ve put together a list of the ten most popular wheels for the F-150. The list is based on actual sales data from the last couple years and only includes purchases by F150 owners.

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-Steve Hamilton
Owner / MrWheelDeal.com

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Mr. Wheel Deal’s Top 10 F-150 Wheels

1. XD Series 778 / Monster

Number one on the list is the XD Monster: a mid-range priced wheel that comes in both black and chrome finishes. It has an aggressive look, but doesn’t come off as over powering. XD Series wheels are one piece aluminum alloy and built for off-road action, so more times than not those get shipped out with a nice set of AT tires. I sell more of the of black finish than of the chrome, though both wheel versions look really good on the F150.

XD778 Monster on a 2005 Ford F-150

MrWheelDeal.com - XD778 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - XD778 Chrome

2. XD Series 775 / Rockstar

The XD Rockstar packs a lot of attitude for such a simple design. It’s not only a top pick for F-150 owners, but a very popular off-road wheel overall. The Rockstar comes in both black and chrome.

XD77 Rockstar on a 2004 Ford F-150

MrWheelDeal.com - XD775 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - XD775 Chrome

3. Moto Metal 951

Moto Metal cracks into the top ten list at the number three position with the popular MO951. This wheel offers a very clean look in both black and chrome.

MrWheelDeal.com - MO951 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - MO951 Chrome

4. XD Series 797 / Spy

The XD797 Spy is a six spoke wheel that shows just the right amount of flare for a truck. The black and machined version outsells chrome – but that’s probably because it makes a great off-road wheel and chrome doesn’t look as good covered in mud.

MrWheelDeal.com - XD797 Black and MachinedMrWheelDeal.com - XD797 Chrome

5. Mamba M1

Mamba wheels are built for mud, and the M1 is no exception. Pair this bad boy up with some Nitto Mud Grappler tires and you’re ready to get off the beaten path. The M1 only comes in the matte black finish.

MrWheelDeal.com - Mamba M1

6. Helo 791 / Maxx 6

The Maxx 6 is the only Helo wheel on my top ten list but a popular choice for truck owners looking for something a little different. It tends to be pretty affordable wheel compared to some others on the list and comes in both black/machined and chrome.

MrWheelDeal.com - Helo 791 Black and MachinedMrWheelDeal.com - Helo 791 Chrome

7. Mamba M3

The Mamba M3 wheel has a rugged industrial look that looks great on F150 (or any truck for that matter, but this list isn’t about other trucks). Again, Mamba Off-road Alloys are made to take a beating – so they’ll go where ever you take them.

MrWheelDeal.com - Mamba M3

8. Eagle Alloys 079

The Eagle Alloys 079 model looks similar to the Moto Metal 951 (#3 on the list) but tends to be less expensive. They’re made in the USA and come in three finishes.

MrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 079 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 079 ChromeMrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 079 Super Finish

9. Boss 315

The Boss 315 is a six spoke wheel with clean lines and a refined look. It’s the kind of wheel that exudes class though it’s modern simplicity; an instant classic in both black and chrome.

MrWheelDeal.com - Boss 315 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - Boss 315

10. Eagle Alloys 197

The final wheel on the F-150 top list is the Eagle Alloys 197. This eight spoke style wheel packs a lot of punch for the price and comes in black, chrome, and super finish black. Not too difficult to see why it’s a top pick.

MrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 197 BlackMrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 197 ChromeMrWheelDeal.com - Eagle Alloys 197 Super Finish Black

Well, that’s the list. If you saw something you liked, scroll back to the top of the page and fill out a quote request (there’s a simple form on the right hand side) so that I can get you the best price.

Got a favorite Ford F150 wheel that didn’t make list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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